Orchard Street Hand-woven Cotton Gray Area Rug

Orchard Street Hand-woven Cotton Gray Area Rug

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$ 56.99

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Graphics and organic, their One-of-a-Kind Hand-woven Cotton Gray Area Rug is made of 100% cotton and printed in a classic block printing technique. With a neutral color palette and fashion-forward patterns, this is the piece you can build a room around.

  • Wash cold, line dry
  • Cotton
  • Construction: Handmade
  • Material: Cotton
  • Location: Indoor Use Only

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Nicely made!


This rug is absolutely adorable! I am thinking of buying a second one to place at my front door. The pile is low so it wont get caught in the door. The color isn't too dull or too bright, looks great in front of my sliding door to the porch.


This is absolutely adorable and is exactly what our upstairs bathroom needed for a refresh! Good contrast and the tassels aren’t too long so don’t constantly get tangled. Dark enough grey that I’m not worried about staining.


This beautiful throw rug is such an addition to our kitchen area. It is very well made has a substantial weight to it but not overly thick as to interfere or trip people the color is a pleasant neutral even though it is darker. The rugs design does not interfere with the rooms designs rather adds to it. I love this rug


Love this rug! Looks exactly as pictured. We are using it at our back door which is largely used by our dogs. We put a nonstick pad underneath it, because it is pretty lightweight and was slipping around beforehand. No complaints here!


This rug looks is so gorgeous, it looks handmade and high quality and the colors are exactly how the photography shows it to be. With rugs it can be hard to tell what you are getting when you're ordering online but this is a great buy for the money!


To start, I suppose this is technically an area rug because it is a “rug” that covers an area of the floor, but i think it is better described as a small mat. Having said that, it quite a cute mat. It’s well made and the colors, off white and light charcoal gray, complement my decor. I placed it outside my en-suite master bathroom over the wood flooring of my bedroom. I could also use it in my bathroom. The pile is low so the door will have no problem closing over it. I think it’s super cute. Iwish it were bigger.


First the positive the color is beautiful and the pattern is very nice. Overall the quality is very nice. The negative it’s a very thin rug and moves around quite easily on a hard wood floor. I would recommend a rug pad to keep in it place and avoid an individual from slipping on it.