WaveBrake Down Press Mop Bucket with Wringer

WaveBrake Down Press Mop Bucket with Wringer

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$ 169.99

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Part of the Rubbermaid Commercial executive series, this product and wringer system with molded-in WaveBrake reduces splashing up to 40%, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors and improved productivity. Move about the facility quietly with casters designed to reduce noise and roll smoother so workers won't disturb guests and visitors. Discreet color allows workers to blend into their environment easier. It also helps hide dirt or grime better than other colors. Easily separate clean from dirty with the included dirty water bucket that helps produce cleaner, less slippery floors and reduce water and chemical usages. Wringer system lasts 58 times longer than comparative wringers. High-efficiency down press wringer has been tested to exceed 100000 wringing cycles. Mop bucket/wringer system is made of premium tubular steel and structural web molded plastic. Foot-pedal water evacuation is conveniently located, with no lifting required, for worker well-being.

  • Quiet casters reduce noise and roll smoother
  • Reduce splashing up to 40% with molded-in wave brake
  • Included dirty water bucket to separate clean water
  • Discreet color to hide dirt

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Very sturdy and love the dual bucket system...nothing is nastier than continuing to spread dirty water around on the floor!